When Real Grass is not Viable

Sometimes when you are designing smaller yards like courtyards in the Inner-west of Sydney you find yourself stuck in between a rock and a small space (see what I did there). For areas where you haven’t got enough space but you still want to create a small play area for kids, fake grass or synthetic grass can work wonders in transforming a drab paved courtyard into a welcoming and functional play area. Much More Outdoor specialises in creating spaces like this and it’s range of synthetic turf can not be beaten.


The main benefits of getting some artificial lawn are:

  • Eco-friendly – less watering (only to clean)
  • No more weeding
  • No more mowing

Nowadays the fake grass they have been making looks so good you would struggle to tell the difference from afar.

Sheds Are Your Key to Space

There’s nothing more aussie than a good old garden shed in your backyard.

Over the years, living in your home, you accumulate a large amount of personal belongings (a nice word for clutter).

When clutter starts to take over there are a few things you can do to organise and increase the amount of workable space in your household. One of the most popular ways to increase space is by getting a shed.


Pre-made kits are available from your local hardware store and online stores like IncrediSheds. You can get them in all kinds of sizes and types, long, wide, sliding doors, mesh fronts – there is a variety of options to suit your storage requirements. All need is a rivet gun and a kit and you are good to go.

Custom Made

I have never been the handy type, but if I was, I would definately try my hand at making a shed. Not only do timber sheds look great, but they can double as a cubby house while the kids are younger and then be converted into a storage place when the kids grow up. How awesome is that!

Council Approval

Be weary – you may need strata or council approval before you erect a shed in your backyard. Especially if it is visible from the street.



Solar Power is Essential for a Happy Home

A sharp decline in the traditional, natural reservoirs used for energy generation and a growing awareness among the populace about the detrimental effects of the same on the environment, has brought in renewable sources of energy into sharp focus. Today, alternative methods of power production and distribution are being evolved and this remains an area of intense investigation and research. Some of the more viable options that have sprung up from these efforts are wind power and solar power generation systems.

With the sun being a free source of inexhaustible energy, power derived from it is fast gaining importance and credibility as a veritable source of eco-friendly source of power. The primary reasons for its high rates of acceptance for home and business use are the undeniable truth that it is a clean source of energy. It emits no greenhouse gases, reduces electricity bills and provides protection against rising energy costs.

To find out more about solar power Melbourne visit the Zerogen website for a quote.

In addition, most governments across the globe encourage its use by offering rebates on these products.
Power that is generated by solar means is undoubtedly, the most cost-effective form of renewable energy and will help in secure the energy future of the planet. Solar panels are a dependable long term investment that helps to reduce the carbon footprints of individuals. Excess power that is generated by these systems can also be sold to power companies in a lot of countries. The other advantages are that there are no moving parts and hence little maintenance costs are incurred in these systems.

People are keen to know what they can power with this novel energy source and how much power is generated from a particular solar matrix. An idea of the daily consumption of electricity is of paramount importance in choosing the optimum solar unit. For most residential and small business what is of further consideration in choosing the system is the amount of power that the system will produce.

On an average, a 2KW Solar Power System can suffice rather well for an average household consumption. It can generally power the needs of a small, energy -efficient household excluding the air conditioning system of the household. This system on an average is capable of producing around 2,700 KW/ Hr.

Most companies that deal in solar products for domestic and small-scale industries supply these inverters with a complete kit. Each standard solar grid comes with a racking system and photovoltaic panels. In addition, they have a PV powered high efficiency inverter and are backed by good warranties. There is absolutely no sense in investing in an inefficient system that does not produce the amount of power that it promises. While choosing a solar inverter, it is therefore imperative that it is backed by years of solid, good reputation. Perth solar energy prices are the lowest they have been in years thanks to a healthy competitive environment and government subsidies.

A solar generator is used extensively in a lot of locations today. These typically include the living house and home building, office building, factories and their warehouses. Shopping malls, convention venues, sports stadium are other places where these are gaining ground as an alternate energy source. Mono-crystalline quality and cells with up to 92% efficiency levels are available commercially. This is therefore very dependable technology as far as power generation capability is concerned.

The system installation is usually on the roof tops and accomplished by years of expertise of the major solar companies. A number of revolutionary innovations can now decrease the space that contemporary solar panels originally needed. Each company will also indicate the space that they would require on the roof tops. In addition, most reputed products allow for the later addition of extra panels should the need for more power arise. Inverter upgrades are a great feature of modern day sun based power generators.

Solar modules carry warranties for any faults and defects in materials and manufacturing and most of them are valid for a 25 year term. These are also repaired or replaced by most of these companies if they generate power that is substantially lower than the amount that had been promised at the time of the purchase. This is however, subject to the sole discretion of the company representatives that respond to such complaints. Some good quality panels have a life of around forty years. Taking all the above facts into consideration, it can be safely surmised that a solar powered energy system is a safe, clean and convenient source of all future energy requirements.

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